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I can see more #frankenmascara coming soon. I realized that im not a big fan of the covergirl curved brush. And the rimmel sexy curves #mascara formula appears to have run out. So i will prob just throw those away. Opened some new mascaras from my #drugstoremakeup stash. I LOVE 💗 the #prestige lengthening wand!! It reminds me of my #flowercosmetics mascara wand. Soft rubber wand with short little spikes. It works on my lower lashes! Better than Maybelline Big Eyes Lower Lash Brush in my opinion, even tho i like that one too. And you can see that the #prestigecosmetics wand and cap can fit on the nyc bases. So i can have the benefits of the nice wand but with half the price of formula. The original prestige formula is ok but seems a bit dry.

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